Thursday, December 8, 2011

Employee at gun shop unintentionally discharges weapon, wounds man in business next door

40-year-old John Luebano, an employee of The Bullet Hole gun shop in Jourdanton, Texas, was unloading a 9mm handgun when he unintentionally discharged the weapon. The bullet went through the wall and into the business next door, Revolution Gymnastics. The bullet then ricocheted off a wall and struck a gymnastics coach in the eye. The coach, 31-year-old Joe Gonzalez, was treated and released at a local hospital.
A woman whose two daughters attend class at the gymnastics studio said Gonzalez was teaching tumbling lessons when he suddenly grabbed his eye, which was bleeding, and said he couldn't see.
Parents were concerned when the gun shop recently opened up next door to the studio. "It could have been one of our kids," said one mother. "Someone could have ended up dead."
Police said the gun shop employee would probably not face any charges, calling the incident an accident. Adding that there have been no other problems or incidents at the shop in the short time it's been opened.
Ohh shoot.

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Baldr Odinson said...

"Parents were concerned..." REALLY? I don't see why. Their children are only an inch of drywall away from being victims of an accidental discharge, not to mention being in close proximity to the target of many a robbery. If it were me, I would have pulled my children out the moment I learned the gun shop was opening!

I imagine the gymnastics place will be driven out of business now, because of this. I doubt the gun shop owners will give a damn. The gymnastics place should sue for lost business and the cost of relocating, or at the very least demand the owner of the property kick them out (assuming it is leased).

How ironic that the store is called "the Bullet Hole".