Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Police officer unintentionally discharges gun during drug raid, another officer fires back

Baltimore, Maryland city and county police were working together to arrest 38-year-old Vernon Jackson on marijuana possession and distribution charges. When they entered the residence where Jackson worked as a caretaker a Baltimore County police officer unintentionally discharged his weapon. The bullet hit a Baltimore City officer in the arm. Investigators believe that the city officer shot back, believing he was in danger.
According to the police investigating the incident, "Preliminarily, the investigation would indicate the Baltimore Police Department detective fired several rounds in response to the perceived threat."
A local television station reported finding at least five bullet holes inside the residence. No one else was injured in the gunfire and the city officer was taken to the hospital for treatment. The county officer was placed on paid administrative leave, pending the completion of the investigation.
The homeowner said she had no idea her caretaker had drugs. She was also upset because the police told her they would not pay for the damage the gunfire caused to her home.
Ohh shoot.

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