Monday, February 7, 2011

Woman who was shot in restaurant when man at next table dropped his gun faces long, long road to recovery

In January, 71-year-old Diana Barker was having dinner at Raffas restaurant in Kingwood, Texas with her husband and friends when a man at the next table dropped his gun. When the gun hit the floor it discharged and the bullet hit Diana in the buttocks.
According to a web site set up by Diana's children to update her friends on her progress, the bullet hit Diana on the left buttocks and then continued up through her hip, into her abdomen and ended at the right side of her chest. Immediate emergency surgery stopped the internal bleeding. The bullet missed the major artery and all vital organs but made a mess of the small and large intestines. Diana underwent a second surgery to rejoin her small intestines and removed another part of her large intestine. She will have to have a colostomy for approximately six months. Diana is still in a rehabilitation facility, struggling to recover from her injury.
The man who dropped the gun said he is totally distraught after the incident. He said he had on a jacket he hadn't worn in a year and didn't know it had his .38-caliber derringer gun in its pocket.
How can you be so nonchalant about your guns that an entire year goes by and you have no idea where a gun is, you don't miss it, you don't wonder about it, and you forget that it is in the pocket of the coat you are wearing?
Ohh shoot.

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