Thursday, February 24, 2011

8-year-old boy unintentionally shoots and kills his mother while cleaning gun

An 8-year-old boy was cleaning a firearm in his home in Hico, West Virginia. The gun unintentionally discharged and shot his mother, 29-year-old Jennifer Lynn Bailes. She died at the scene.
Police would not specify what type of firearm it was but said the incident is being treated as an accidental shooting.
Jennifer, a homemaker, was the mother of six children.
Ohh shoot.


Baldr Odinson said...

And why, exactly, did the mother allow an 8-year old to clean a gun? Guns + children = death. Too bad there aren't Child Access Prevention laws in West Virginia to protect children against this sort of irresponsible parenting. Now six children will be motherless and traumatized.

Sarah said...

She only has 3 kids. 3 are her step kids that have a mother and a father. Her step kids are not part of our family.