Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family of woman shot at restaurant when man at next table dropped his gun wants criminal charges filed

On January 13th, 71-year-old Diana Barker went out to dinner with her husband and friends at a local restaurant in Houston, Texas. Diana was shot in the buttocks when a gun fell out of the pocket of a man's jacket at the next table. The handgun fired when it hit the floor.

The bullet came up and hit her in the left buttocks, came through her hip bone, up across her stomach and is still lodged in the right hand side of her chest. Diana was in the hospital for two weeks and is still at a rehabilitation center. Her recovery hasn't been easy and is likely to result in hundred of thousand of dollars in medical bills.
Her family wants to see charges brought against the gun owner. "We feel that there should be both criminal and civil penalties for this reckless and negligent behavior," said her son Richard. Prosecutors say that although the man is not facing charges at this time, that could change.
The gun owner said he is distraught over what happened and didn't realize the loaded gun was in his jacket.
"It scares me if that were the truth," Richard said, "because that means he had a loaded weapon in his house and he didn't know where the gun was."
Ohh shoot.

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