Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Father testifies against guns on campus bill after daughter shot and killed at frat party

On January 9th, 20-year-old Ashely Cowie was shot and killed in an unintentionally shooting at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house on the campus of Florida State University. Today, her father, Dr. Robert Cowie, testified against a bill that would allow guns on college campuses in Florida.
Dr. Cowie said he is sharing his daughter's story to help prevent other families and students from becoming victims. He told the Florida senate committee that safety on campus is best left to police officers.
Dr. Cowie testified that two years ago he dropped Ashley off for college and helped unload her boxes. At the time, he didn't realize he'd be bringing her home in a different box.
Ohh shoot.

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Anonymous said...

I like how this is being advertised as "guns on campus", which admittedly sounds problematic at face value. Correctly, the law is to allow concealed handgun licensees to also carry on campuses. There is a major difference between the average gun owner mentioned in this story, and someone with a concealed handgun license. Let's keep the discussion on track.