Thursday, January 19, 2023

Young Teen Unintentionally Shoots and Kills Boy. Will an Adult Be Held to Account?

 A 14-year-old Dallas, Texas girl has been charged with murder after unintentionally shooting and killing an 11-year-old boy. 

According to a police statement, the girl was arguing with another 14-year-old girl in the parking lot of her apartment complex. She "retrieved a handgun and shot in the direction of the female she was fighting. However, the shot struck a male juvenile bystander." The boy, De'Evan, died at the scene. 

Where did the 14-year-old get the handgun? Every gun in the hand of a child had to pass through the hands of an adult first.  Will the adult who enabled this girl be held accountable? News reports give no indication of where the gun came from, who owns it, or how the girl came to possess it. 

De'Evan's mother wants people to know that "he was a very talented young man, he had a great future ahead of him." She also wants people to "take this story and do something productive with it. Let my son not have died in vain and let this save somebody else's child."

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