Friday, January 20, 2023

Bullets From Gun Range Keep Hitting Nearby Homes, Gun Range Owner Says Concerns 'No Big Deal'

 A gun range in Conroe, Texas is raising concerns for neighbors and customers alike. Bullets from the gun range have been hitting homes, cars, and garages in a subdivision that borders the range. One homeowner found a bullet in his backyard. Another discovered a bullet lodged in his car. A local news crew filmed bullet holes in a chimney, garage, window and wall of nearby homes. 

One neighbor said he knew he was moving next to a gun range but didn't expect stray bullets to be flying near his home. "We are concerned we can't be outside without being in danger, especially the frequency it has been happening."  

The gun range owner told the reporter that concerns were "not a big deal" and he was not looking to make any changes. When asked about an recent incident where a man was hit in the face by a cartridge ejected from the rifle he was shooting the owner said what happened was human error and it was "more funny than anything." The man had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Recently two men took their sons skeet shooting at the range when they suddenly heard bullets flying towards them. "It was terrifying. I was scared to death for my son and his friend," one of the men said. The group hid behind a truck and called the owner of the range who didn't show any urgency. The shots continued for another 20 minutes. "They need to reassess their protocols and safety situations. If they can't do that, they do need to shut down." 

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