Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Michigan woman fatally shoots herself while adjusting gun in her bra holster

55-year-old Christina Bond, of St. Joseph, Michigan, was adjusting the handgun in her bra holster on New Years Day when she unintentionally discharged the gun. The bullet struck Christina in the eye.  She was airlifted to a hosptial in Kalamazoo where she died the next day.

According to new details of the incident that were just released, officials report "she was having trouble adjusting her bra holster, couldn't get it to fit the way she wanted it to.  She was looking down at it and accidentally discharged the weapon."

According to her obituary, Christina joined the Navy out of high school, served two terms as an active Military Police, and was an administrator for the Road to Life Church.  She is survived by her two sons and six grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

Showing her* pictured in a tank top with bra showing. How very classy of you.

A blog dedicated to gun accidents**. No wonder i'm the only person to read it thus far.

*if that's even her.
**if any of these stories are real.

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