Thursday, July 18, 2013

Woman fearful of person beating on her front door tries to load shotgun, unintentionally shoots herself

26-year-old Christina Pennington, of Sunman, Indiana was home Tuesday night when someone started beating at her front door. She called 911, telling the dispatcher she was afraid because she didn't know who the person at the front door was.
While on the phone with the dispatcher Christina went and got a 12-gauge shotgun and loaded it. When she took the safety off, the shotgun discharged, shooting her in the lower section of both legs. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.
Police were not able to locate the person who had been at her front door. While police were still at the home investigating, Christina's father-in-law, Anthony Pennington, arrived. Police watched as Pennington nearly struck one of the patrol cars. Pennington was subsequently arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated.


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