Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Handgun unintentionally discharged. Bullet goes through one man's hand, into another man's neck, killing him.

43-year-old Billy Gay and 30-year-old Fodie Green, of Aransas Pass, Texas were at a friend's house, working together to fix a truck's brakes. They needed to life up the truck so Gay went to get a jack out of the trunk of his car. He removed the jack and also picked up a .410 handgun that he had stored there.
According to police, "while Gay was manipulating the firearm, it went off."
The bullet went through Gay's hand and into Green's neck. They were both taken to the hospital where Green was pronounced dead shortly after.
According to a friend, Gay and Green had known each other for more than a decade adding that Gay was "really tore up. Like I say they were really close, every where Billy went Fodie went."
The investigation is ongoing, no charges have been filed.


Anonymous said...

Gay was really tore up. That sounds about right. Texas.

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