Thursday, March 21, 2013

A look at some unintentional shootings caused by dogs

Since OhhShoot began on January 1, 2010 there have been a number of stories about dogs causing unintentional shootings.
For example, there were two hunting stories at the end of 2001, one where a dog jumped into a boat, caught his paw in the trigger of a shotgun and unintentionally shot a duck hunter in the buttocks. The other involved a dog who knocked over a high powered rifle, discharging the gun and shooting a hunter in the leg, damaging his femoral artery.
In some of the incidents peopled died from the gunshot injuries. A 39-year-old Idaho woman died when the family dog jumped on her bed, causing a shotgun on the bed to discharge. And a 9-year-old Pennsylvania boy died when a dog knocked over a rifle that discharged, shooting the boy in the head.
These stories all came to mind while reading an article titled The Shocking Truth About Gun Violence (By Dogs). The article references incidents dating back to 1937. They even unearthed a 2005 incident where a cat shot its owner with a 9mm handgun. Check it out.


Baldr Odinson said...

Crazy. There are SO MANY shootings, you could find some for just about any occasion, "shootings by dogs" included.

Anonymous said...

oh crap we need to ban dogs