Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Man mistakes pregnant wife for intruder, shoots her

25-year-old Cory Lindblom, of Yakima, Washington, apparently mistook his wife, 27-year-old McKaylee Higgs, for an intruder and shot her early Friday morning in the bedroom of their duplex.
McKaylee, who is eight weeks pregnant, was shot once. Initial reports indicated a neck wound. She is in the hospital in critical condition.
Police have not released details of the incident, but have said multiple shots were fired and a handgun was seized. Lindblom has been cooperative with the investigation and is not in custody.
The chief of detectives said it will be up the county prosecutor's office to determine if any charges will be filed. He said they have eliminated criminal intent and "then you're left with noncriminal intent such as recklessness or negligence."

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