Monday, September 24, 2012

Flight attendant forgot she had gun in handbag, police unintentionally discharge gun while examining it

Jaclyn Luby is a flight attendant for Republic Airlines, a small regional carrier who operates flights for US Airways. On Sunday morning she showed up to work but forgot she had a loaded, unlocked handgun in her purse.
According to reports, Luby was walking through airport screening at Terminal C at Philadelphia International Airport around 6:50 a.m. She placed her purse and carry-on bag through the x-ray machine. TSA screeners saw the .38 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun and notified a Philadelphia police officer.
The officer was trying to secure the weapon when she unintentionally discharged the gun. The bullet went into a TSA break room where an employee was sitting. No one was injured.
Luby has a concealed weapons permit for the gun but told police she forgot the gun was in her purse. She received a summary citation for disorderly conduct. Despite the fact that she lost track of her loaded, unlocked handgun, she will be allowed to continue to carry a gun in public.
According to a police spokesperson, the officer who discharged the gun "will go back to training for handling weapons. She will be off the streets for a period of time."

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Anonymous said...

Im more concerned that the police officer that was securing the weapon discharged it. Her forgetting is an issue to but she should have known, since it is most likely a daily occurrence for her to go through TSA screening.
I still think that being able to carry on a plane would be an improvement to safety, but too many are misinformed about the subject.
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