Friday, September 28, 2012

Man kills masked burglar, then discovers it's his 15-year-old son

44-year-old Jeffrey Giuliano, of New Fairfield, Connecticut, got a call from his sister who lives next door about 1 a.m. Thursday. She told him she thought someone was trying to break into her house. So Giuliano grabbed a gun and went outside.
According to reports, when he got outside he found a man dressed in black with a black ski mask covering his face. The man was holding a knife. Giuliano told police that a confrontation occurred, that the man approached him in a "threatening manner" and he was afraid he was about to be assaulted with the knife, so he opened fire.
Giuliano shot the man multiple times, including shooting him in the head.
Police arrived just moments later and found Giuliano sitting on the grass, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. The man he shot lay dead in the driveway, the knife still in his hand.
A state police spokesperson said the identity of the dead man was not determined until some time after the shooting when detectives removed the mask and discovered it was Giuliano's 15-year-old son, Tyler. "All in all it's a tragedy," he said.
A town official told reporters, "You certainly don't expect it to happen in your own small hometown where there's very little crime."
Giuliano is a fifth-grade teacher at the local school. Tyler was a student in his class and after learning his grandmother was too ill to care for him, Giuliano adopted the boy.
According to a classmate of Tyler's, "He's a great student. He got straight A's. He barely did anything wrong in high school. He was one of the nicest kids you would ever meet."
Detectives are working to figure out exactly what happened. They say the investigation will take weeks.

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