Friday, January 20, 2012

Teenager who posed with numerous guns on Facebook page unintentionally shoots and kills himself

19-year-old Jared Hyndrich of Pacific, Missouri has a photo album on his Facebook paged titled "what i do when im bored." The album consists of numerous photos of Jared and his friends posing with handguns and an assault rifle.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Jared was in his room with a friend when he put a handgun to his head and thinking the gun was unloaded, pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, the gun was loaded and it fired one shot, killing Jared.
An autopsy is being conducted but police found no evidence of drugs or alcohol.

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Baldr Odinson said...

Note the comments left on that facebook page. One commenter writes, "if i didnt know you this may scare me." to which another commenter wrote, "Hell I know you and it still scares me lol"

This is no laughing matter. In the pictures they are not only posing with guns, but pointing them at each other. Clearly these yahoos failed to understand that what they were holding were instruments of death. Now they have realized it the hard way.