Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Man straps gun to backpack, unintentionally shoots himself when he picks up pack

21-year-old Joshua Ryan, of Seymour, Tennessee, was in the woods with his brother and his girlfriend. He had a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot strapped to his backpack. When he picked the backpack up the shotgun unintentionally discharged, shooting him.
Ryan's brother went to get help while Ryan's girlfriend stayed with him in the woods. Reports indicate that the backpack strap was wound through the trigger guard, which could have caused the discharge.
The accident happened about a half a mile into the woods. In order to transport Ryan to the hospital for treatment ambulance services had to use an ATV to take him out of the woods, then transport him to a Lifestar helicopter which then flew Ryan to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.
Reports did not indicate where, exactly, Ryan was shot or how much it cost to fly him to the hospital.
Ohh shoot.

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