Friday, May 13, 2011

The Office deals with an accidental gun discharge

On this week's episode of The Office, Dwight loses his job as acting manager after he accidentally fires a gun in the office.
Ohh shoot.

To see the full episode go here:


Jo Temah said...

And poor Andy's busted ear drum!

Zach said...

The most realistic thing the Office has ever done is to portray what can happens when an idiot is careless with his gun. kudos.

Missing my job... said...

Zach what "unrealistic" potrayal was done on the progam? This is something that you praise?One would think that the "gun safety lobby" could find more to write about than a sitcom. Reason number 234 why in the end the people who feel that since they feel they cannot responsibly use a firearm no one else could either.