Monday, November 2, 2015

Man drops gun in Cracker Barrel, gun discharges injures customer eating breakfast

William Hoback, of Sanford, Florida, was talking to the person at the checkout counter at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant when his gun slipped out of his holster. When the gun hit the floor it discharged. The bullet hit a kettle and sent fragments flying in several directions.

Three people were hit by the shrapnel, including the restaurant manager, Hoback's finance, and a customer who was eating breakfast.

The customer told police he heard a loud bang and then felt a sharp burning pain in his left shin.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police did not charge Hoback in the incident and would not say if Hoback had a permit to carry the gun. 


TOM said...

Permit, or not, some lawyer is getting an easy case.

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Manavalan said...

The license holders must be trained on the safe usage and storage of bullets. Try avoid using loaded guns where public are around.

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