Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2 injured when gun falls out of man's fanny pack in grocery store

58-year-old Gerry Good, of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, was shopping at the Richland Township Giant Eagle. When he leaned over inside the store a gun fell out of a fanny pack he was wearing, hit the floor and discharged.

According to police, the gun "fell in such a way that the barrel hit the floor and somehow the gun went off." Pieces of the bullet and the ceramic tile from the floor hit two people shopping nearby. Both were grazed in the leg. The injuries were treated on the scene.

Good, who has a concealed weapons permit, was arrested and charged with two simple assault charges and two reckless assault charges.

Guns are the only consumer product manufactured in American not regulated by a federal agency for health and safety. Guns that discharge when dropped clearly have a design flaw yet the Consumer Product Safety Commission has no authority to issue a recall on any gun or demand they be redesigned.


zsu2357 said...

Here come the Mommies.

Ron said...

2 things.

1. Firearms have, by federal regulation, been designed to specifially prevent this exact type of unintended discharge for many years.

2. The linked article gives no specifics on the firearm. Therefore we cannot know if this was a weapon specifically designed to prevent this type of discharge as required by federal regulation. So either the weapon was very old or was not functioning properly. Either way, zsu2357 is correct.

Anonymous said...

Not sure charges such as those are correct. He had NO INTENT what so ever to break the law or harm anyone. Maybe a charge of negligence with a firearm would be justifiable but not these charges. Lacks criminal intent.
Maybe a Civil Case also against him and the gun maker as well.

Ohh Shoot said...


Federal law imposes no design safety standards on domestically produced firearms.

Anonymous said...

Another fake gun story written by someone who learned about guns by watching tv and never learned the basics of mechanical engineering.

Unknown said...

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