Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Woman unintentionally shot at Pennsylvania gun show

Krysta Gearhart, of Orangeville, Pennsylvania was unintentionally shot at the Eagle Arms Guns Show at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds on Saturday.

According to police, a firearm vendor at the gun show, Geoffrey Hawk, was demonstrating how to use a concealed carry holster.  Instead of using a plastic model gun, Hawk was using a semi-automatic .380 handgun.  Hawk had removed the magazine but didn't realize there was a bullet still left in the chamber.

Hawk unintentionally discharged the gun.  The bullet struck Krysta in the leg. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police have referred the case to the district attorney to determine if criminal charges should be filed.


Unknown said...

Considering how often this happens, is it too much to ask for a gun to be developed that won't let you remove the cartridge leaving a bullet in the chamber?

Mr. 618 said...

Yes it IS too much to ask of the 2A crowd. Hell, you'd think a vendor at a gun show -- who hopefully has an FFL -- would know enough to check, but obviously not. How many people get shot at gun shows? Maybe the NRA is right: guns don't kill people, gun shows kill people.

Ken O said...

Actually, magazine disconnect safeties, ie a mechanical firing block that prevents the weapon from firing when the magazine is removed, have not only been invented to combat this, are quite common, and mandated in some states.