Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teen shot when hunting rifle unintentionally discharges

14-year-old Robert Lutskas, Jr., of Moses Lake, Washington was hunting with his father, Robert, Sr., in the Refrigerator Canyon area in Montana. The teen had never been deer hunting before. When they returned to their vehicle, Robert, Jr., unloaded the Remington M77 model 30-06 caliber rifle he had been using and placed the rifle with the butt of the gun on the vehicle floor and the muzzle toward the roof. The teen did not realize that a bullet remained in the chamber of the gun.

While they were driving, they hit a bump and the weapon discharged. The bullet struck the teen in the right bicep and exited his right shoulder and then continued through the roof of the pickup truck. The father said he turned to look at his son after the explosion and saw him holding his arm.

"The gun was up front, between his legs. He thought he had it unloaded," he said.

Robert, Jr. was taken to an area hospital where he underwent surgery. Another surgery is planned to make sure the wound is clean and control any possible infection. When they return home, the teen will need plastic surgery on the wound.

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