Monday, June 17, 2013

Man buys gun for protection, unintentionally shoots and kills friend

20-year-old Joe Colter, of Glendale, Arizona, was with some friends playing video games. Colter started joking with one of his friends about having a gun. According to reports, he reached into his back pocket and took out a 9mm handgun. Keeping the gun hidden behind his back he racked the slide to eject the chambered round. But he neglected to remove the magazine and didn't realize that he had also chambered a second round.
Colter pointed the gun in the direction of his friend and pulled the trigger expecting to hear a "click." Instead, the gun went off and he shot his friend in the chest.
The man was taken to the hospital where he later died.
Colter told police he had purchased the gun three months earlier for protection. He bought the gun through a private sale via an Internet website. Because it was a private sale, with no background check, Colter did not have be 21. If he had gone to a licensed firearm dealer he would not have been able to buy the handgun.
Colter told police he wasn't really familiar with the gun. He didn't receive an owner's manual, had received no training and had only fired the handgun once before, at a range.
Colter and other witnesses at the scene said the two men were good friends and that the shooting was unintentional. Colter is being charged with reckless manslaughter.

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