Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama OFA Staffer Caught in the Crossfire of Someone Else's Gunfight

28-year-old Gregory Jackson is the Southern region director for Organizing for Action, the post-election form of President Obama's grassroots campaign organization. Jackson's job is to build up community support for gun violence prevention legislation in the South region of the U.S.
On April 21st, Jackson was in Washington, D.C. attending his cousin's bachelor party. As he and four others left the party they came upon two men shouting at one another. They walked in the other direction to avoid the fight. But the fight escalated and someone starting shooting.
"Like anybody, we ran," said Jackson. "But as we ran, I caught one of the stray bullets into my right calf."
Jackson has had five surgeries since being shot. He was released from the hospital briefly but had to be sent right back when two blood clots formed in his leg. He has another surgery scheduled.
"It will be another couple weeks, if not months, before I can get fully back to work," he said.
"This traumatic experience brought home how critical it is that our country's representatives take action to prevent these incidents from happening in the future," Jackson added.

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