Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teenage boys charged with murder after friend killed by neighbor firing warning shot

Four teenagers were breaking into remote fishing camps on Gravine Island, Alabama last April when some nearby neighbors came to see what was going on. The three neighbors, William Hearn, Larry Duncan, and Lonnie Davison got their guns and boated over to the cabin where they had heard noise. Seeing the teenagers they told them to stop and stay where they were.
Hearn and Duncan fired warning shots into the ground. One of the bullets hit 17-year-old Summer Moody who was hiding in the bushes. Summer was shot in the head and died of her injuries ten days later.
Last week the District Attorney announced that a grand jury had indicted the three other teens, 18-year-old Scott Bryd, 18-year-old Dylan Tyree, and 18-year-old Daniel Parnell, for murder. The three were also charged with felony burglary.
In a news release the District Attorney stated:
But for the actions of these three young men - who were engaging in armed burglaries and who acted aggressively when caught - Summer Moody would be with us today.
No charges were filed against the man who actually fired the shot that killed Summer. However, Summer's family has filed suit against the three men, as well as against the Alabama Marine police. According to the family lawyer:
The family is upset and a little angry at the situation. They felt all along that there were two sets of offenders on that particular morning. One were the boys in some place they shouldn't have been and committing a crime that would be up to a jury or judge to decide what the appropriate punishment is. Ths other set of offenders are the shooters who armed themselves up and came down and interjected themselves into this situation where these teenagers were."

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