Monday, November 12, 2012

Policeman trying to shoot dog unintentionally wounds fellow officer

32-year-old police officer Willie Bryant, of Memphis, Tennessee, was part of a multi-jurisdictional gang unit task force that was serving a drug-related warrant at a home in Memphis.
The police were inside the home when a Cane Corso dog charged the officers. One of the officers attempted to shoot the dog, but missed and shot Bryant in the back.
Bryant was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and was listed in critical condition.
The task force found crack cocaine, three body armor vests, and five handguns inside the house.
The mayor of Memphis said homes that contain drugs and guns are too prevalent in Memphis and officers take their lives in their hands when they execute such high-risk searches. "The key is officers are in jeopardy, they are in danger, whether it's friendly fire or whatever," he said.
Memphis police director laid the blame for the shooting at those inside the home. "Dogs, armed parties, you never know what you are going to encounter when you kick a door in," he said. "We have to make life or death decisions, not only about our lives, but about other people's lives, in less than a second's notice."

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