Monday, July 9, 2012

8-year-old unintentionally shoots 5-year-old friend, leaves him bleeding in the park

Two boys, ages 5 and 8, were playing together at the High Sierra dog park in Billings, Montana. Both boys had permission from their parents to be out together. What the parents didn't know is that the 8-year-old boy had a .22-caliber rifle.
Police are still investigating the incident, but what is known is the 5-year-old boy was shot in the lower abdomen and the 8-year-old dropped the gun, left the boy laying on the ground, and went home. Police found the boy at his home later that evening. He was taken to the police station with a parent to be interviewed.
Two girls, ages 12 and 14, were in the dog park riding dirt bikes when they spotted the 5-year-old boy.
"We saw him laying there covered in blood and not crying, which scared me the most," said the 12-year-old girl.
"He couldn't answer anything I was asking - his name, if he was hurt - he just moaned," said the older girl. "I think we was in complete shock."
Police believe the boy was shot at least 15 minutes before the girls found him.
The boy was taken the hospital where his injures required two surgeries and a blood transfusion. He is recovering from a broken femur and a punctured femoral artery and is in a half-body cast. The doctors hope he will be out of the intensive care unit soon.

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