Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3-year-old shoots and kills himself with handgun his father had just bought to protect the family

3-year-old Joshua Turner, Jr., also known as J.J., of Independence, Missouri, shot and killed himself after finding an loaded, unlocked handgun that had been stuffed in the couch cushions in his house.

J.J.'s parents talked with the local television station about the shooting.
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J.J.'s father said he had just purchased the handgun but didn't have a holster to store it in so he stuffed the loaded, unlocked gun into the couch as he sat with his family watching a movie. Both he and his wife had left the room when they heard a pop and returned to find that J.J. had found the gun and shot himself. J.J. died at the scene.
The parents say they have other guns in the house, that J.J. was used to seeing guns and had played with water pistols so knew where the trigger was. They say they have the guns in the house for protection and the father told the reporter he always has one gun "loaded, ready to use at any given moment."
Dawn, J.J.'s mother, says she doesn't want any guns in her house ever again. She says she doesn't want J.J.'s brother to suffer the same fate.

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