Tuesday, February 28, 2012

21-year-old twirling his handgun unintentionally shoots friend in the back

21-year-old Curtis Law, of Maryville, Tennessee, had recently fired his 9mm handgun so he decided he should clean the gun. He was with his friend, 20-year-old Jud Caylor, when he brought out the gun and started twirling it. Law unintentionally discharged the weapon and the bullet hit Caylor who was standing in front of him.
The bullet entered Caylor in his back and exited out of this chest. He was taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.
Police have tentatively ruled the shooting accidental. "There's nothing that would suggest to us anything different," said the local police chief. Law has not been charged.
Caylor is the son of a Blount County Commissioner.

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