Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Man working on his tractor killed by bullet fired during target practice

56-year-old David Reed of Skiatook, Oklahoma was in his yard working on his tractor when he was shot on his left side, just under his chest. David died of his injuries. The bullet that killed him came from a nearby field where two men in their early 20s were shooting at paper targets. They had four guns with them, including a handgun and a rifle. They told police that because of the trees near the field they didn't see anyone nearby.
"Maybe not careless, but just didn't think about what they were doing," is how a spokeswoman from the sheriff's office described the incident. "We just need to be safer about areas that are becoming more populated and a lot of growth in that area, and houses aren't as far apart as they used to be. Lots of people out there," she added.
Ohh shoot.

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