Friday, July 15, 2011

Trial date set for man who shot gun in motel room, killing man in room next door

An October trial date has been set for 48-year-old Lance Mueller, of Eagle Point, Wisconsin. He is charged with manslaughter in the shooting death last fall of 55-year-old Gregory Fleniken. According to the criminal complaint, Mueller had been drinking "quite a bit" with several co-workers in a motel room in Beaumont, Texas. He was also fooling around with a loaded handgun. Mueller pointed the gun at a co-worker, who ducked out of the way, and then fired the gun. The bullet went through the wall of the hotel room and struck and killed Fleniken as he was lying on a bed in the room next door.
According to police reports: "Mueller plugged the hole in the wall where the bullet went through with toothpaste. Then they went to the bar in the hotel. No one went to check on the occupant in the room next to them, nor did they notify the hotel or police. The next day, Mueller and a co-worker saw that the guy in the room next to them was dead when they saw police take Fleniken's body from the room."
Mueller was arrested in June in Wisconsin and appeared in court in Texas in July.

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