Thursday, December 2, 2010

4-year-old police officer's son shoots, kills self with father's service weapon

4-year-old Gavin Thompson of Liberty, Pennsylvania, was at home with his father, a police officer, and two of his four siblings. Gavin found his father's service weapon which was being kept in a closet. Gavin fatally shot himself in the head.
The Allegheny County District Attorney's office will determine if charges will be filed against Officer Thompson. In 2009, the office brought charges of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment against Michael Lanese after he left his twin 9-year-old sons alone with a rifle and told them to clean the gun and put it away. Instead, the boys took out ammunition, played with the loaded gun and while unloading the rifle one twin unintentionally shot and killed the other.
Ohh shoot.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we shouldn't allow LEO's to posess firearms either..It's very tragic that something like this has to happen but you can blame the guns..only the unresponsible person who allowed a child access to a gun (illegal)..I can't believe that this group thinks that keeping law abiding citizens from carrying a concealed firearm with a permit, after an extensive background check, is going to lower crime...Last time I heard, the criminals are not paying attention to the gun only helps them in their trade, disarm them so they can't defend themselves. Also Brian Miller stated in the case about Brian Aiken that 'hollow point bullets are illegal, period' He should research what the law is before making such an untrue remark...they are NOT illegal (under certain exemptions) I know that if I or my family were confronted with one of these criminals, I wouldn't want to be at their mercy and would want the tools to defend myself and loved ones....if the anti's were ever faced with that type of situation, I would bet that they would wish there was a person nearby legally carrying a firearm who could help them....happens very often in states that recognize our second amendment rights of self defense.