Friday, November 19, 2010

Widow holds nothing against hunter who unintentionally shot and killed her husband

68-year-old Jim Ayer, a rancher in Crawford, Colorado started a hunting business years ago to help make his yearly land payment.  Last week he was taking a group of hunters from California around his mountain when Jim lost his footing.  The man with him went to grab him and also lost his footing and dropped his gun.  The gun went off and a single bullet struck Jim in the head, killing his instantly.  
Before the incident the hunters had been discussing news reports and lawsuits that allege the Remington 700 rifle is unsafe. The gun that dropped and discharged was a Remington 700 rifle.
When asked about the out-of-state investigators who have already contacted her about the rifle, Jim's widow Susan responded, "That's something I'll have to deal with, not today or tomorrow, but sometime. It was not the fault of the hunter," she added, "They are more than hunters. They are friends."
Ohh shoot.

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