Friday, October 8, 2010

Two people target shooting in backyard unintentionally shoot neighbor

Bob R. of Eaton Township, Ohio was filling a birdfeeder near the pond on his 12-acre property when he was shot in the leg. The bullet was fired by his neighbors who were shooting at logs on their property. Detectives believe the bullet may have hit the ground and ricocheted over trees that separate the two properties before hitting Bob.
The neighbors, 32-year-old Krissie G. and 30-year-old James B. were arrested on charges of negligent assault and falsification and obstructing official business for lying to investigators. Krissie and James admitting to shooting shotguns but denied firing a handgun of the type that hit Bob.
Local police noted that people are allowed to shoot both as long as they have a safe backstop. "Since the bullet hit someone else quite a distance from the logs," police said, "the backstop wasn't safe, which led to the negligent assault charge."
Ohh shoot.

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