Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5-year-old kills twin in IL; 6-year-old shoots self in head in WA; 4-year-old killed in NC

In Chicago 5-year-old twin boys had just taken their bath and were playing before bedtime. They were playing with a gun. Tragically, one brother unintentionally shot and killed the other.
The twin's 17-year-old uncle claims he found the gun, brought it home, but did not know how to work it so just left it lying out.

In Shelton, WA a 6-year-old boy found the key to the gun safe, unlocked the safe, pulled out a pistol, and unintentionally shot himself in the face. An 8-year-old who was also home said the child was looking down the barrel of the gun when it went off. The boy suffered life=threatening injuries and is in the hospital in critical condition.

In Weldon, North Carolina several children were playing upstairs in a home. The children found a loaded rifle and the gun went off after one child tossed it. The shot killed a 4-year-old girl who was in the room.
Police have arrested the girl's 32-year-old uncle and 18-year-old cousin and charged them with, among other things, storing a weapon in a manner accessible by a minor.

Ohh shoot.

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