Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stray bullet strikes woman in head

A Connecticut mother was driving her daughters, ages 1 and 5, and her two nieces, ages 7 and 9, to a birthday party when a stray bullet crashed through her windshield and struck her in the head. Her car was stopped at a stop sign when a man standing on the street nearby pulled out a gun and started shooting at a second man, who also had a gun.
Doctors say it is a miracle the woman survived the shooting. A few millimeters in either direction and she would have been dead.
"And, if I hadn't bent down to change the radio station, my niece in the back seat would have gotten the bullet. So there would have been a 7-year-old instead of me," said the victim, "I'm very grateful that it was me and not her."
Ohh shoot.

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