Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Woman laying in bed shot in head when bullet comes through row house wall

38-year-old Nelmarys Rivera-Alequin was laying in bed next to her husband in their row house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when a bullet came through the wall.  Nelmarys was stuck in the head.  She was taken to the hospital where she remains in critical, but stable, condition. 

The bullet came from the house next door which shares a common wall.  The neighbor, 25-year-old Allante Floyd, told police that he was cleaning his "AK-47 style pistol" when he unintentionally discharged the weapon.  He added that he had been smoking marijuana before the incident.

The gun, a Century Arms Model PAP M92 pistol, is described as a "semi-auto action with a short barrel and no buttstock.  With it's shortened handguard it looks a bit like a baby AK."  It comes with a 30-round magazine.

At a press conference, the Lancaster police chief, noted that Floyd had been arrested.  He went on to say, "This is an absolute tragedy for Nelmarys' family, especially her husband and children.  This is also a life-changing tragedy for Mr. Floyd, who is understandably distraught over the incident."

"Accidents happen," he added. "Unfortunately, this one is a severe tragedy."

This was not an accident.  It was an unintentional discharge that could have been avoided.   


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sad to hear this kind of news.. :(

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