Saturday, April 14, 2018

Man cleaning gun fires weapon, bullet grazes 11-month-old in apartment below

An unidentified man was cleaning his gun in his apartment at Cedar Glen apartments in South Bend, Indiana. He unintentionally discharged the weapon and a bullet went through the floor into the apartment below. 

The bullet grazed an 11-month-old baby who lived in the apartment.  He was hit in the leg. It was very fortunate that the child was not seriously injured.

According to reports, the officer reported to dispatch: "Caller advises she heard a loud bang. Looks like there is a bullet hole in the ceiling."

The property manager stated, "While its certainly regrettable, we want to emphasize it was an accident and we're just really grateful that no one was seriously injured."

Note - this was not an "accident," this was a discharge that could have been avoided. 


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I actually feel bad for the 11-month old that got hit in the leg. I hope he is doing well now.