Friday, March 23, 2012

Woman taking firearm self-defense course unintentionally shoots herself

A 49-year-old Granite Bay, California woman was taking an all-female class at the Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona when she unintentionally shot herself. According to the Gunsite's website they offer "personal gun training and how to learn the responsible, safe and effective use of small arms in self-defense gun training courses."
A statement from the sheriff's office said, the woman was "reholstering her gun when she accidentally shot herself in her upper leg and was flown out to Flagstaff Medical Center." She remains in the hospital, listed in good condition.
In May 2010, there was another unintentional shooting at Gunsite. A man was mistaken for a target when he walked out on a catwalk and one of his colleagues shot him. The incident happened in a "live-fire tactical simulator", a large building for indoor shooting exercises with a catwalk around the perimeter for observers. The man was struck in the abdomen and recovered from his injuries.

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