Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2-year-old shot after playing with gun from mother's purse

2-year-old Payton Flow of Dallas, Oregon was unintentionally shot while he and his 3-year-old brother were playing with a handgun they found in their mother's purse. The boy was shot in the stomach and taken to the local hospital where he was treated and released. Payton's mother, Johnnie, said she bought the gun for protection in February. Normally she said it's not loaded. However, she left her purse containing the loaded, unlocked handgun sitting on the couch in the family's front room. Investigators believe the 3-year-old brother pulled the trigger.
"I'm not a bad mother," Johnnie told reporters, "Anybody who knows me knows my babies mean the world to me. That was just a freak accident."
Police said as far as they know, Johnnie does not have a concealed weapons permit. Johnnie said she plans to never keep guns in her house again.
Ohh shoot.

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Baldr Odinson said...

Too bad she learned *after the fact* that guns and children never mix. Oh the mistakes! Kept loaded and unlocked, within reach of her children, in public without a permit. And I wonder if she's had any training at all.

In Oregon, you need no training to purchase a gun, and there is no mandated Child Access Protection law outside of Portland.

At least the boy lived and apparently will recover fine, and she has apparently learned her lesson (as tragic as it was).