Thursday, June 9, 2011

18-year-old steals loaded gun from car, accidentally shoots friend

18-year-old Heath O'Brien of Rockwell, North Carolina was arrested and charged in connection with a number of break-ins. Rowan County Sheriffs have been investigating reports of numerous car break-ins. The cars were broken into during the night, while the owners slept. A loaded .38-special handgun was stolen from one of the cars. When detectives discovered that Aaron Yarborough, who lived close to the area of the break-ins, had been shot in the hand with a .38-special handgun they questioned him. Yarborough gave conflicted stories but eventually identified O'Brien as the man who had shot him in the hand, but stated the shooting was unintentional.
Detectives have recovered a number of items that it is believed were stolen from the car break-ins. News reports did not say why someone left a loaded gun in their car.
Ohh shoot.

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