Thursday, June 23, 2011

13-year-old checking to see if gun is loaded unintentionally shoots his 2 young cousins

A 13-year-old Mansfield, Texas boy found his father's .22 caliber rifle inside a storage shed. He wanted to see if the gun was loaded so he pulled the trigger. The gun discharged and the bullet went through the shed's open door toward a porch where two cousins of the boy were playing. The bullet went through the chest of 6-year-old Arron, missing all the major organs, and then struck 4-year-old Alicia in the wrist, ricocheted off her bone and lodged into the side of her head. The children were rushed to a nearby fire station and airlifted to a hospital. The boy is home and the girl is recovering from minor head surgery.
According to a family member, "It was an accident. I mean, he knew he shouldn't have been playing. His dad always tells him not to play with stuff that adults should handle."
Police said that since the shooting appears to be accidental no charges have been filed against the boy or his father for not keeping the gun locked up.
Ohh shoot.

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