Friday, December 10, 2010

Father unintentionally shoots teenage son while deer hunting

Doug Gess of Bloomington, Minnesota was with his 16-year-old son, Jesse, on opening day of deer hunting season. As he was loading his gun it unintentionally discharged. The 12-gauge slug plowed through the metal box of the truck, then the metal cab, through the backseat and into Jesse's back. Seconds later, he watched his only son climb out of his truck, drop on all fours, and saw the half-inch hole in his back.
Jesse was flown to a hospital in South Dakota. The slug hit his lung, diaphragm and liver but the injuries were not life-threatening.
There have been two fatal and 23 nonfatal hunting incidents in Minnesota this year. There's an average of 32 hunting incidents in South Dakota each year.
Ohh shoot.

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