Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Man target shooting in his yard shoots 7-year-old neighbor standing next to her backyard pool

7-year-old Abby Wrobel, of Tekonsha, Michigan was in her backyard, standing on the deck of her pool, when she was shot in the arm.
Abby's neighbor, who remains unnamed, was target shooting in his yard with his 9 mm handgun when he fired a shot that missed the target and traveled 200 yards across a cornfield and struck Abby.
"It felt like a firework was going inside my arm," said Abby.
Abby's mother told reporters that the bullet barely missed hitting her daughter in the chest and whizzed right by her 2-year-old sister's head who was standing next to her.
Police are planning to charge the man with reckless discharge of a firearm causing injury. The man's wife said he is extremely shaken up by the accident.

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