Monday, May 20, 2013

Woman unintentionally shoots and kills herself while showing off her new assault rifle

22-year-old Anastasia Adair, of Federal Heights, Colorado, is described in one news report as a "new gun enthusiast." Anastasia was with her husband and some friends in the garage when she went upstairs to get her recently purchased assault rifle to show to her friends.
As she was walking back down the stairs into the garage she reached to hand the rifle to her husband, Shane, when the gun unintentionally discharged.
Anastasia was shot in the head. She was taken to the local hospital where she was pronounced dead.
According to police, the couple had been firing the rifle the day before and Shane told investigators the gun had a light trigger pull. The police did not identify the specific model but said it was an AK-47 type rifle.

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Anonymous said...

NHello people.... speak up, dont be shy, i want to know if this is a possible story we are being told, think about it, this is a toss up & strange said incident if this womans death. or is it really just that Easy nowadays to get away with murder....???