Thursday, May 23, 2013

Charges filed in unintentional shooting death of 11-year-old boy

26-year-old Michael Norman, of Lake City, Florida, has been charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers and aggravated manslaughter in connection with the unintentional shooting death of 11-year-old Jarvis Jackson.
Norman was babysitting Jackson and two other children. He told police that he didn't feel the apartment complex was safe so he brought a Ruger 9mm handgun with him for protection.
According to the police report, Norman left the firearm on the kitchen table, loaded and unlocked, visible and accessible by others in the apartment, including the children.
Norman was sleeping when he was awakened around 8 a.m. by the sound of a gunshot. According to reports, the 4-year-old girl woke up to see the 2-year-old girl playing with the handgun. The 4-year-old then joined the 2-year-old in handling the gun. While the 4-year-old was playing with the gun it discharged, shooting Jackson in the neck.
Norman told police he bought the gun "from a guy off of the street in White Springs a few weeks ago." According to a neighbor after the shooting Norman fled the apartment screaming for help. He also kept repeating, "I'm gonna go to prison for this, I'm gonna go to prison for this."

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