Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two killed in separate unintentional shootings in Vermont

Unintentional gunfire took the lives of two Vermonters this past weekend.
34-year-old Louis Miller, of Richford, Vermont, was killed when a handgun he was holding unintentionally discharged. According to police, Miller wasn't drunk but had been drinking and made a bad decision as he played with his gun. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
17-year-old Jacob Lehouillier, of Johnson, Vermont, was unintentionally shot and killed by his younger brother who was trying to clean a shotgun.
A Vermont State Trooper said that having a conversation with your kids about gun safey is imperative. "You wouldn't give your kids a car and say here you go, why would you do that with a gun?" he said.
He went on to add that guns need to be properly stored. "You can put trigger locks on them, store them in a gun safe that's locked, keep the ammunition separate from the gun and don't leave the keys accessible."

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