Monday, December 3, 2012

4 injured in unintentional hunting shootings in Iowa this weekend

4 people were shot in unintentional hunting incidents this weekend in Iowa.

  • 58-year-old Miles Sagen was hit in the shoulder with a shot fired by his hunting partner.  He was taken to the hospital in Des Moines where he was listed in serious condition. A spokesperson from the Department of Natural Resources said at the time of the incident there was a thick fog in the area that made it impossible to see more than 100 yards. "I would strongly urge hunters to reconsider hunting in these conditions with such dense fog," he said.
  • 46-year-old Steven Thompson was injured when he unintentionally discharged his shotgun. He shot himself in the big toes and was taken to the hospital in Iowa City.
  • 32-year-old Stacy Wiltfang was struck by a stray bullet while hunting.  The bullet penetrated one of her boots but did not penetrate her foot.  She was treated at the hospital and released. 
  • 48-year-old Clint Morgan was hit in the elbow by another member of his seven-person hunting party. He was taken to the hospital in Des Moines for treatment. 

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