Monday, July 2, 2012

19-year-old unintentionally kills friend while shooting at gun range

Four friends, three 19-year-old males and a 16-year-old female, went to the Livingston Conservation & Sports Association's gun range in Brighton Township, Michigan. One of the males was shooting an AK-47 when the gun jammed.
According to the sheriff, the gun had been malfunctioning but the owner had the gun serviced and wanted to try it out. After firing it a few times the gun jammed again.
The owner was trying to fix the gun when he unintentionally discharged the weapon. The bullet hit 19-year-old Charles Kimball, of Howell, Michigan, who was standing about 12 feet down range. Kimball was killed instantly.
The sheriff reported that the teens were not members of the gun range and did not have permission to be there. Prosecutors will decide what, if any, charges are filed.


Baldr Odinson said...

Including this one, that makes at least 20 shooting range accidents so far this year:

Ammo said...

Unbelievable to read this news.