Wednesday, April 18, 2012

State park manager unintentionally shoots and kills himself

54-year-old Steve Williams, park manager for Oklahoma's Tenkiller State Park, Greenleaf State Park, and Cherokee Landing State Park, unintentionally shot and killed himself at his home last week. His wife reported that he had gone to a back room to clean a gun when she heard a shot. Wilson then came into the living room, collapsed and died.
Because the shooting took place on state property the State Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation. But no foul play is suspected.
Wilson was named Oklahoma's Park Manager of the year in 2000. According to reports "his love for hunting and fishing was second only to his love for his family and friends."
He leaves behind his wife of 37 years and two grown children.


Baldr Odinson said...

Why is it there are so many reports of people who shoot themselves and others while cleaning their gun?? And, like this guy, they are often trained in gun safety and usage. Is it really making you safer if it is so easy to kill yourself simply by cleaning it?

Not a Steve Williams fan said...

Steve Williams was demoted from being Park Manager of Beavers Bend State Park (OK) because of quid pro quo relationships he forced upon female employees. This was a well known fact by the security guards who worked the park and he was found, using a state vehicle, crossing the state line, with liquor with a female employee at a hotel. The only reason he wasn't fired was due to his connections.

This was reported at the time in the Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City newspaper).

I find the postings about his great love for the friends and family to be hypocritical at best. This man was a documented abuser of power and was knocked down from his pedestal to a second rate park due to his illegal actions.